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Shani Trayodashi: Effects, Puja and Solutions

Updated: Mar 25

Shani Trayodashi Pujan and effects of Shani dev on life by Kashidarshana

What is Shani Trayodashi?

Shani Trayodashi is considered the most auspicious day for Shani puja as it is the favourite day of the Hindu deity Lord Shani. As per Hindu astrology, He is one of the most important planets from the celestial Navagrahas. He is known as the Lord of Saturday and his name is indicative of the seventh day that is Saturday. Hence, the Triyodashi that falls on a Saturday is called as Shani Trayodashi.

If Shanidev is prayed with utmost devotion on this day, He blesses His devotees with peace and they overcome any risk of major accidents or life threats. People suffering from the adverse effect of Shani, or people undergoing the period of Sade-Sati of Sani, Ardhastama Sani, Ashtama Sani or its antar dasa, are advised to perform Shani Trayodashi puja as a remedial measures to please Shanidev. It is a day when the otherwise difficult-to-please God gives blessings of happiness and peace to people. Hence, people wait for Shani Trayodashi to perform remedial measures to nullify the negative effects of Shani.

Rituals on Shani Trayodashi

  • Worship Shanidev to remove/reduce malefic effects of Shani Dosha.

  • People should observe fast to please Shanidev.

  • People should perform Shani Dosha puja to please Shani.

  • It is advised to perform Shani Shanti puja as an observance to calm the planet.

  • On Sani Trayodasi, people should perform tailabhishekam as a part of Shani Trayodashi puja.

  • To please Shanidev, tie some black grams, 100 grams of ginger oil packet, 1-kilogram coal, a small black ribbon, 8 Iron nails, some Navadanyams, and donate it to the temple priest or drop it in running water source.

  • Offer food items to a crow and feed the needy persons.

  • Do not purchase oil, leather, umbrella, Navadanyams etc., on this Saturday.

  • Distribute rice with salt meals to poor people.

  • Distribute black clothes to the poor people on Saturday.

  • One should recite the Shani Mantra to please Lord Shani.

Effects of Shani Dosha

In our life every body fears about Sani Bhagavan. His effects are more and cause miseries in our daily life if not properly placed in the natal horoscope. However, he may be, he can not escape from the aspects of Lord Sani. Makara and Kumba are his own houses. He is exhalted in Tula and deliberate in Mesha Rasi. The natives born in the stars Pushami, Anooradha, Uttarabhadra are being governed  by Sani Their life starts from Sani Mahadasa. In the natal horoscope, if Sani is placed in 4,6,8,12 houses, or the native is running with Sani Mahadasa or in Mesha Rasi causes more miseries and faces more difficulties beyond the native's control. For pleasing Sani, the native has to perform Japa (19000) and regular prayers to Sani on Saturdays.

Participate in Shani Trayodashi Pujan

•Remove the ill-effects of Shani.

•Attain Longevity and good health.

•Get wealth and prosperity in Life.

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