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Astrology with Kashidarshana

Discover Your Future With "Personalized Kundli"
Resolve different struggles and problems in your life...
Your Solution to Love, Health, Business and many more problems...

Kundli by Date and Time of Birth starting onwards ₹501/-

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Personalized Kundli of 3 Years

Get kundli in 1 week 


Hurry up! Limited time offer

100 % Accurate Predictions

50,000+ Personalized Janam Patrika

Love,Health and Wealth Solutions

Solve all kind of "Doshas"

What you will get in the personalised Kundli

Detailed report of doshas – Kuja (Mangal), Shani (Saturn), Rahu-Ketu, Dasha & remedies, from mantras to rituals

An integrated report of solutions to all your problems. How to take up those remedies and when to do what.

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Puja's to do suggestions by studying Kundli's dosha remedies. The rituals are designed to balance life & bring positivity, based on grahas.

When, Why, & How to wear gems by the best gemologist in india. Get personalized gemstone recommendations based on your kundli report.


Note- Your Personalized Kundli Report will be shared with you on your registered E-Mail and WhatsApp Number.

Your Personalized Kundli

Fulfill all your wishes

Relationship Problems

Are you struggling with your Relationship???
Maintain a Healthy Relationship with your family and Loved ones.

Know about your Life Partner in your Kundli Report.

Business Prospects

Struggling to achieve your Business Goals?
Through your Personalized Kundli Report, know the Business which suits you.
Earn money through your Financial Analysis in the Kundli.

Love Matters

Facing Lack of Love from your Partner??
Feeling Unloved from your Partner??
If your partner is losing Interest in you?
Get detailed solution to your Love problems in your Personalized Kundli, We know Love Matters...

Financial Problems

Are you not able to Manage your Finances and have good hands on Savings??
Find the effective solution crafted specially for you.
Get your Financial Situation being analysed through your Birth Chart.


Note- Your Personalized Kundli Report will be shared with you on your registered E-Mail and WhatsApp Number.

Our Commitments


Get guidance in your career prospects and different areas for Effective Results.

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Know about your Health and Related Concerns. Solve all the diseases and mishaps through the Personalized Kundli.


STOP all the negative effects of Grahas on your Kundli. Get Effective solution with 100% Accuracy.


Complete the payment on the website of Kashidarshana


Transfer your details to us through WhatsApp.


Preparation of your Birth Chart and Analysis of Chart by our Expert Astrologers and Veda-Pandits


Sending the Personalized Kundli with all the Solutions to your registered E-mail and WhatsApp.


Personalized Kundli Report + FREE Vedic Consultation at 501/- Only

Facing problem with your Relationships.

Facing hardships in your career and need guidance through Astrology and Vedic Report.


Get Solutions to all your problems in the Personalized Kundli Report for the coming years.


All the Solutions will be provided and Consultation regarding those solution with Kashidarshana's Vedic Pandit is FREE.


Your "Personalized Kundli Report will be sent to you on your E-mail and WhatsApp number in 5-7 Days.

Amara Annapaneni, USA

"I got to know about Kashidarshana Astrology through Instagram and ordered the Kundli. It was in detail and all the aspects were covered well."
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